Thursday, 17 June 2010

Eel with bean salad

Eel, with it's long snake-like body and sliminess was not top of my list to try. It did seem the most interesting the fishmonger had to offer though and I'm glad curiosity won cause the taste was superb.

First remove the skin of the eel (to get rid most of that sliminess), wash thoroughly and then pat dry. Cover with a mixture of flour, salt and pepper and through in a pan with heated olive oil. Pan fry on each side until brown. In another pan lightly cook garlic with olive oil and some dried parsley. As soon as the eel is ready to go on the plate poor the garlic sauce on the fillets and top with some lemon juice. For the bean salad just mix all together (I used a can of beans in water which take only 5 minutes to cook) and dress with lemon and olive oil.

Serve with bean salad and decorate with ready-to-eat lobster meat and olives wrapped in sardines (or whatever the fishmonger has to offer that day).

Serves 2.


● 2 eel fillets
● 2 garlic cloves
● parsley (dried)
● lemon juice
● flour
● salt
● pepper

Bean salad
● 250 grams beans (can)
● lettuce
● cherry tomatoes
● cucumber
● olive oil
● lemon juice

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